About the Worktop Fabricators Federation

Launched in 2020, the Worktop Fabricators Federation is a not-for-profit body for those using industrial fabrication methods to make worktops from natural stone and similar man-made materials. The Federation's objectives is to promote professionalism across the worktop fabrication and stone masonry industries, including the promotion of good working practices and policies for health and safety in the workplace. The WFF is a unified representative voice for the industry on matters of industry-wide importance.

Our Mission    

  • To promote professionalism, best practice and fair trade in stone worktop fabrication and installation.
  • To grow the market for stone worktops through reputable fabricators

We will do this in partnership with suppliers in the industry, fostering communication, information sharing, networking and training.

To Customers of our Members

You can rely on companies who are members of the WFF to strive towards best practice in manufacturing, keeping their staff and those around them safe. While we do not warrant individual members' delivered work, our members aim to continuously invest in training, processes and technology to deliver the very best and most dependable service, and to trade ethically at all times. 


Our members will have workshops where Health and Safety are controlled and managed. They will train their staff, pay their taxes, insure against public risks and commit to keeping up with developments in the Worktop industry


To other Fabricators


Building an all-industry community


WFF was created by a group of fabricators, sitting together on a supplier trip and realising how valuable it is to share problems and ideas with one another. The biggest issue we face in running businesses is that we are so often alone, and that so few other business people understand the problems specific to our industry.


WFF is all about getting together as an industry and creating a professional network. We’re encouraging you to invite your competitors into your workshops to see the things you’re proud of, share your own experiences and build relationships. We actively encourage suppliers and fabricators to engage regionally and nationally. We will help you to train your staff and develop recognised qualifications to demonstrate that investment.


There are over 2,000 businesses in the UK engaged in the craft of producing worktops. WFF exists to provide a forum for all fabricators and suppliers to come together, exchange ideas and share best practice in an open and constructive manner and in full compliance with the Competition Act. In this way, WFF will truly become the voice of our industry, reflecting and addressing the concerns of professional fabricators to policy-makers and industry bodies.



Keeping it real


WFF is constituted as a not-for-profit trade organisation, focused on delivering real value for professional manufacturers and installers. We want to grow the market for premium-quality materials and premium-quality installations, defend our industry against poor business practice, and provide genuine assistance when it comes to running your business.



Our Objectives

Networking - Develop relationships between members to exchange knowledge and experience.


Improve Health & Safety – Reduce dangerous working environments. Promote a pro-active approach to safety in the industry


Supplier Interaction – To develop a constructive dialogue between suppliers and fabricators for the good of the industry


Encourage Best Practice – To reduce on-site work,  mechanise workshops and encourage training


Industry Training – Introduce sector-specific training & E-Learning


Become a Recognised Brand – Trusted by other bodies & Government, seen to be proactive, progressive and credible. 


Grow Business – Promote growth in the worktops fabrication market through our members.


Discourage unprofessional companies that are and unwilling to improve. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


1. Why was the federation set up? 

The WFF was set up to raise standards across the worktop fabrication industry. It aims to improve health and safety for workers, promote best practice and offer a professional forum for industry professionals to share knowledge and information. It also aims to be a driving force for growth and sustainability of its member companies. 


2. Who leads it? 

The WFF was conceived and is led by four established managing directors working in the worktop fabrication industry. Between them, they have more than 100 years of experience. They are:

• Andy Phillips, Affordable Granite 

• Mark Mills, Stone System of London

• Mem Zekayi, Granite UK

• Simon Souter, LBS


The executive leadership team are keen to speak to other experienced fabricators about establishing regional groups, ensuring that, as the Federation grows, it provides UK wide coverage. 


3. Who is it for? 

• Fabricators working with and installing natural stone, quartz, porcelain, sintered stone products 

• Business / operators looking to ensure the long-term viability of their business  

• Those wishing to improve their standards


4. Does it make a profit? 

No. The WFF is a not for profit organization. 


5. Why should I join? 

• Preparing for change within the industry – H&S, relationships with K&Bs/A&Ds/Consumers 

• Raise your own standards / maintain pace with industry developments 

• Knowledge share 


6. How do I join?

Details of how to join the WFF along with membership criteria and other useful information can be found at www.worktopfabricators.org